Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Best Jewlery Organizer

OK So this is like the BEST jewlery organizer i've found so far !!! you can mount it on the wall or hang it over the door !!! it doesn't take any space in the room and it holds A LOT !!! i was thinking those individual jewlery organizers are like $10 each and by the time you get a lot of them it's about the same price or more ..lol.... so i really hope you guys like it too !!! or you have any better suggestions , pls let me know , perhaps i will use it in the future ..lol....   here's the link to the video                      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvecmvwraZA
Ok here are the pix !!!


Friday, August 27, 2010

Skin Care Series 1

Ok my first skin care video is rendering now ..lol...and i will upload it pretty soon !!!
First of all i want to thank MrYungFatal again for the intro beats !!! http://www.youtube.com/user/MrYungFatal
And also i want to thank Jon (http://www.youtube.com/user/Castaa) For helping me make the NICE intro !!! that's so so SWEET of HIM ... he has been giving me good suggestions and trying to help me improve my video quality , he recommended and sent me some great video editing softwares for free and that's just so generous of him !!! and he made me a nice intro last night ... that's just so so touching !!! and it's totally blown me away .... thanks so so much for all the people who's helped me and i will never forget you and i will try my best to make better videos !!! 
Ok down below are the products i mentioned that i've been using for myself
I got this from target and i think you can get it from most drugstores

I mentioned this cleanser in my Junes hits&misses and i ordered it on ebay ,it's around $12

It's a brand in China and i really like it !!! but too bad i put it in my suitcase and the top was broken on the plane .

This one is also from China , it's much cheaper than the other ones but the reason i like it is b/c it's super natural and doesn't irritate my skin and very moisturizing !!!

OK The next pix is to show you the seven steps to wash your face ..lol...sorry that i draw on that model ..:D

Ok i hope this video will help you guys and take care everyone ..lol..

Love&Care ,

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

CeCe's little project today ...lol....

 So let me start with my "project" ..lol --- as you could tell by most of my videos that the lighting is not the best and that's what i was trying to improve over the last few weeks ...so i was thinking about changing to an upstairs room which has a very good natural light with two windows into a "youtube video" or  an entertainment room cos it does have the dancing wood floor and mirror in there . SO i've been trying to find some furnitures and stuff to decorate the room , and i went to office depot the other day , got a pink chair and a desk (haven't installed yet ..lol..) and some draw shelf for my makeup storage . and i really got a pretty good deal , the chair and the draw shelf is $39.99 and the desk is around the same price too . i'm pretty happy about all of them !!! and today i tried to install the pink chair , it took a little time ,but i did it !!! and it looks lovely !!! oh and i also got my tropical hello kitty a pink bow and the white one another outfit ...lol...it looks cute !!!

Actually this whole morning , i had been a dog sitter ...lol... my sister has two golden retrievers , they're ADORABLE !!! and i love them a LOT !!! i help my sister wash the dogs every week and then we walk them and brush them ...lol... they're pretty spoiled ...someday i have to take a video of them haha .

 Ok just want to talk with you guys and let you know what i've been doing , and yes i just got a contacts lenses shipping comfirmation today (which is like a week from when i ordered them ...yeah i know ...pretty slow ) and it will take another week or so ... SO i decide to make another video before i get the contacts , i'm thinking about doing my first skin care video ...lol...it will be different from what other people made and hopefully you guys will like it ...lol... Ok everyone , i've been talking too much and let's have a rest and see the lovely pix ..lol...

My Pink Chair...lol... super super cute !!!


It also comes with two different covers , one is in purple and one is green

Haha do u like her new pink bow ? It matches her satin pajamas

and my white hello kitty got a new outfit ...she tells me  she likes it !!!..lol...


Monday, August 23, 2010

Fall Fashion --- CeCe's Outfit Haul

Whew , i just finished editing the new outfit haul video .... i think you guys will like it !!! at least i hope so ..lol... i got a SUPER good deal at Kohl's , cos all the items i got were on sale and i had a coupon for 15% off and another coupon for $10 off when you spend $20 or more ....and kohl's allow me to use two coupons at the same time , hooray !!! (i'm not paid by kohl's to do this , they don't even know me wah wah :(   )
Anyway i love all those outfit i got !!! they're so cute and i will be wearing them a LOT !!!
And you might notice that i used new intro music this time cos my friend MrYungFatal made me two beats and i LOVE them !!! (i mentioned it in my last post:) i'm so so thankful for what he did for me !!! 
Ok here are the pix of the outfit and my hello kitty ...lol.... 
    Take Care everyone , don't forget to check out my video ..lol...

Updates -- thanks my dear friend Yung !!!

My dear friends , I know i haven't uploaded a new video for a few days , and i already recorded the video and i'm going to edit it this afternoon !!!  thanks so so much for all your support !!!
And i also want to say a BIG THANKS to my dear friend Yung (his youtube channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/MrYungFatal) for making me some beats for my intros and outros !!! that's so sweet of him !!! and he said he was staying up all night to make the beats for me ....that's just so so touching to me .... i can't do enough to thank him !!! and his music and beats are great !!! i will start using his beats in my next video and you guys can see how wonderful it is !!!
There are so many wonderful people on youtube ....and i LOVE YOU ALL !!! you guys are amazing !!!  
Also i just got my new laptop , it's so so pretty and i'm anxious to install all the programs and stuff , hopefully i can start using it tomorrow or the day after    tomorrow ,      that would be amazing !!! 
Ok guys , i just want you guys to know that i've been thinking of you all the time and i have so many ideas for my future videos and  thanks for being with me , i will never let you down !!!

(btw , the bird doesn't come with the laptop ...lol... :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

STAY AWAY FROM ---- LensCircle.com

Ok i don't usually complain about stuff ...but this time it's kinda out of  control...
So like i mentioned in my "would u rather beauty tag" video that i ordered some new contact lenses , i was so so excited cos after i get those new lenses , i would do a japan & korea celeb inspired look ... i chose the Lenscircle.com cos i always heard good reviews about it and i like their lovely bags that come with the lenses ... and that's about two weeks ago ... and the first email i got from them is to tell me that the lenses i ordered were OUT OF STOCK ... it's like a big surprise to me .... what don't u show sth on ur website that's out of stock and i wasted a few days just to wait for nothing ? But i decided to give it another try , so i ordered something different you know , just to see if they have those lenses instead .... and i had been waiting for the shipment for about one week ... and then i noticed that the credit card has never been charged ....So i wrote to them , they told me "sorry but the contact lenses you ordered were OUT OF STOCK..." ARE U KIDDING ? what kind of website is that ??? i'm totally frustrated .... it's not about the money ...it's about all these time i've been waiting .... and TIME IS MONEY !!! Anyway , i just want you guys to know about it and don't make the same mistake i made ...and ordered it from somewhere else .

i wouldn't just give up like that , so i ordered it from another website that i used before(asianfashioncity.com) ... hopefully this time will work out all right !!! sorry guys , looks like it will be another week before i could make those vids .... but i will upload a cooking video pretty soon ...lol...stay tuned !!! LOVE YOU ALL !!! 

Monday, August 16, 2010

Back To School Makeup Tutorial -- Natural & Pure & Refreshing

Hi everyone , so this is the most requested makeup look and i want to upload it before the school starts (this could also be an everyday natural makeup:), hope you enjoy it !!! don't forget to comment .lol..:)

Makeup used:
* Missha Watery Primer  
* LANCHEN concealer
* MAC SPF15 Matte foundation
* MAC Format blush
* Urban Decay eyeshadow primer
* Pixi No.11 Mod Palette
* MAC Pink Bronze Pigment
* MAC Vanilla Pigment
* Palladio eyeliner pencil
* Etude shimmery eyeliner
* Lashblast volume Mascara
* MK signature 9 color Lip Compact
* Shu uemura eyelash curler
* MAC 214 short shader brush
* MAC 219 Pencil brush
* Covergirl fluffy brush
* MAC 224SE blending brush
* Essence of Beauty Blush brush

    Necklace & earings -- Kolh's
    Ring -- Forever 21
    Bracelet -- Wet Seal
Best wishes to all of you !!! and hope my video could be useful to you !!! ( you can use any similar makeup that you already have to complete this look :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

500 GIVEAWAY !!! CeCe's Channel !!!


GIVEAWAY STARTS ON Aug 13th, Friday AND ENDS Sep13th, Monday AT PST 12:00 PM.

1. MUST be a subscriber to both my youtube channel and my blog .(if you’re not a subscriber yet , you can sub right now :)
2. MUST favorite at least two of my videos. (Favorite or thumbs up :)
3. If under 18 MUST get parental consent.
(P.S. I would be thankful if you could watch ALL of my videos and comment on each one of them, but you know that’s not part of the rules :)

1. PLS reply to THIS video
2. Write “ENTER ME” + suggestions to my channel or my video OR requests for future videos OR BOTH.
3. You can write it as many times as you want: D

There’s only ONE winner and the winner will be chosen RANDOMLY  :D
And PLS don’t SPAM! (Spam is if you copy and paste) cos I will have to delete your comment if it’s Spam.


Disclaimer :
1 . All these products were purchased with hard work money
2. I am not being to paid to talk about any of these products mentioned in this video !!!!!!!!!
3. In every video ( including this one ) MY OPINIONS ABOUT ANY PRODUCTS WILL BE 100 % TRUE !!!

Prizes Pix :

Friday, August 6, 2010

Great Friday at the Fair

OMG it's the first time for me to go to the Fair and i'm totally blown away .... there're so many things to see ... we went to the pig racing show , Farms (lots of cows and goats and pigs and sheep there:) , and all the stand shops , food stands ... oh ,the best is the hypnotizing show .... oh you guys have to see that ...it's SO COOL ...people would dance and sing and do crazy stuff ...they would imagine they're stars ... that's so FUNNY .... i would want to try that myself sometimes ... see what i would do ..lol....but i'm afraid my mind is too stubborn . Oh i got a very lovely ring there , i LOVE IT ..it's so shinny and precious ... i also got a belly dancing accessory , you know ,just to wrap around ur waist while your shaking your belly ,that would make u have more feelings . Oh i also got a surprise this morning from my husband ...a LE hello kitty stuff animal ...i wanted it so bad when i saw it at the disneyland the other day ... and i know i already have lots of stuffed animal ... but you know the hello kitty is cute !!!!  OK , I  had a great day today !!!! i'm so happy !!! thanks my husband for all the things he 's done for me !!!