Thursday, August 5, 2010

HELP ....How can i get more views on youtube ....

OK  I think this is starting to make me feel "sad" now ... i've been on youtube for two weeks now and i just can't get my video more than 350 views ... am i that bad ... i've been trying to make two or three vids every week lately . i guess it's just sometimes hard work doesn't pay off right away . but i shouldn't complain cos everything takes time and i will just keep on doing what i should do and my dreams will come true ... life is beautiful ...


  1. awww...dont be sure they will view ur videos once they discovered it..i did! and they were fantastic! especially the mermaid look..i tried tht on my litle sister for her dress up party and she looks great! thnks! and u are right, ife is beautiful , so appreaciate it..

    much love,

  2. thanks so so much for your nice comment and encouragement honey !!! your so sweet !!!!!! i believe that life is beautiful and we should be thankful of it everyday !!! and i will go on making videos for my friends and subbies and have a great weekend !!!