Friday, August 6, 2010

Great Friday at the Fair

OMG it's the first time for me to go to the Fair and i'm totally blown away .... there're so many things to see ... we went to the pig racing show , Farms (lots of cows and goats and pigs and sheep there:) , and all the stand shops , food stands ... oh ,the best is the hypnotizing show .... oh you guys have to see that's SO COOL ...people would dance and sing and do crazy stuff ...they would imagine they're stars ... that's so FUNNY .... i would want to try that myself sometimes ... see what i would do i'm afraid my mind is too stubborn . Oh i got a very lovely ring there , i LOVE IT's so shinny and precious ... i also got a belly dancing accessory , you know ,just to wrap around ur waist while your shaking your belly ,that would make u have more feelings . Oh i also got a surprise this morning from my husband ...a LE hello kitty stuff animal ...i wanted it so bad when i saw it at the disneyland the other day ... and i know i already have lots of stuffed animal ... but you know the hello kitty is cute !!!!  OK , I  had a great day today !!!! i'm so happy !!! thanks my husband for all the things he 's done for me !!!

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